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Changing your relationship with anxiety should be the primary goal when learning methods for better managing your anxiety condition. Our Clinic, located in Incline Village, NV. 89451, primarily utilizes a Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach based on short-term, solution-focused skills training employing evidence based protocols, for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, as well as Relationship Challenges. Our CBT approach also incorporates treatment components derived from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Therapy to further clarify what is truly important and meaningful to those we treat (identification of values). We emphasize behavioral and psychological flexibility in order to commit to actions that improve and enrich the peron's life, and help change the current relationship they have with their anxiety condition. These goals are  achieved by collaborating to create meaningful change for each individual, addressed in a professional, caring and sensitive manner while, at all times, using treatment approaches based on the most current and innovative research and clinical findings.

Cognitive Therapy is one of our Clinic's primary treatment modalities, due to the fact that we strive to help each person create a new way of thinking; that is, to promote a "Cognitive SHIFT with respect to helping change the manner in which they interpret their own actions, as well as the actions of others. By working together with patients, the goal is to help each person better understand their primary concerns; inform and educate regarding one's "frame of reference"; and design an innovative plan of action that will help them move toward (not away from) a reasonable level of risk, uncertainty and doubt, thus resulting in a more meaningful life that honors their values. Our Clinic believes that in order to create meaningful change, we need to help provide our patients with "Roots & Wings". Roots to help them "think about how they think", and "Wings" that allow them to soar beyond their typical way of appraising everyday life events, such that they learn to incorporate a new way of viewing not simply what HAPPENS to them, but instead, how they REACT to what happens to them. For example, if one's first reaction is to feel anxious and threatened when anticipating the need to interact with a future life event, we teach our patients to think and react differently concerning their ability to successfully handle each situation, and learn to better remember anti-climatic outcomes ("it didn't turn out as bad as I thought") regarding particular life challenges. It is this newly learned "second reaction" which our Clinic in Incline Village believes results in a greater sense of self-confidence to better handle ANY stressful situation; current or future, planned or unexpected.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) & Exposure/Response Prevention (ERP) treatment strategies define our Clinic's primary therapeutic approach due to the need to help the patient to become more aware of, and subsequently change, perceptions and typical interpretations of daily events in their lives (e.g., "jumping to conclusions"), which create behavioral or emotional discomfort. That is, we first help individuals to better understand their current "frame of reference" (based on their "core beliefs") which they frequently use to explain to themselves and others why a particular situation resulted in a specific outcome. We then help each person to explore, in a caring and sensitive manner, other possible interpretations for these outcomes, and interpretations that they may not be accustomed to thinking about. In other words, encouraging individuals to widen their "perspective lens" by getting into the habit of saying..."wait a minute, is there another way that I might view this situation, a way that is different than my typical manner of explaining to myself why something just happened the way it did".

Once this goal has been accomplished, we then begin the Behavior Therapy component of our treatment program, which incorporates the use of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) strategies, while at all times working together with the patient, at his or her own pace. As a result of these goals, it is common for our Clinic to assign weekly out-of-office planned exposure exercises to perform, in addition to various "behavioral experiments", thus allowing for the practice of newly learned skills acquired during each therapy session for the purpose of enhancing and maintaining skills learned within the treatment setting, to the individual’s home, school, community or work environments. Yes, we pride ourselves on performing short-term Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) services for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders. However, because we always have our patients' best interests in mind, we realize that everyone is unique, and thus our short-term Cognitive-Behavior Therapy treatment protocols are always individually based. We "take what the patient  gives us" during session #1 (i.e., their initial skill level, readiness level, etc.), and then teach additional skills needed to obtain treatment goals, one Cognitive-Behavioral step at a time.



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Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry

937 Tahoe Blvd; Ste. #210 & #205;  Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), Nevada 89451  

Phone: 775.831.2436


Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry

937 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), Nevada 89451  

PHONE: 775.831.2436

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Continuing Education Classes for Nurses

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Continuing Education Classes for Nurses are offered every month by Dr. Barry Barmann, who is is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Nevada and California, and is a Licensed Vendor for the Nevada Board of Nursing.  He teaches Continuing Education Classes, for Nurses licensed in the State of Nevada. Dr. Barmann's course topics include Health Anxiety, The Nature of Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Worry, Hoarding Disorder: A Public Health Concern, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, The Emergency Room Patient: Heart Attack or Panic Disorder?, as well as several other classes of interest to nurses of all speality areas.

Classes are available from 3.0 to 6.0 CE Units per course. Those interested in attending any particular class, are advised to call (775.831.2436; Ext. #4) well before your licensing period expires.  In the case of needing a class very quickly, Dr. Barmann will, when possible, hold a class for a small group of nurses, upon request.  For additional information concerning our Clinic's Continuing Education Classes for Nurses call 775.831.2436.


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