Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry

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Our Clinic in Incline Village, NA. (Washoe County) specializes in the  following types of Relationship Therapy: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and Parenting Therapy.  All of our treatment programs involve short-term evidenced-based psychoeducational and skills training protocols, based on a Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) orientation, paired with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Therapy. Our educational and coping skills-based Relationship Therapy sessions are designed to help you and your loved ones figure out and deal more effectively with a variety of specific concerns, issues, and emotions typically inherent, to various degrees, in relationships.  Emotions are viewed as very important to therapeutic change. Relationship Therapy at our Clinic ultimately involves encouraging change through our Clinic's therapeutic  "Shift"  process, which promotes awareness, reflection, acceptance, regulation, and transformation of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behavior toward compassion, connection, and collaboration.  Thoughtful exploration for the purpose of broadening understanding in order to remove barriers to acceptance and effective coping may occur in association with the following questions:  Is the "normal" you've created in your relationships making you happy? How can you have a more friendly and accepting relationship with yourself? Are you making typical "thinking errors" (cognitive distortions) that are causing your relationships t0 be more challenging? Are you happy with the level of intimacy in your romantic relationship, or for that matter, in all of your close, personal relationships? Do you know your core values and beliefs that influence your relationship responses?  How can you best help your anxious child or teen? What's the most effective way to deal with your challenging child without messing up their spirit?  What are reasonable expectations and groudrules for your teen? Have you ever wondered if you might be experiencing Relationship Anxiety? What are the most effective skills to use to improve couples communication and parenting and family communication in order to convey genuine listening and understanding, resolve conflict, and strengthen mutual respect and closer emotional connections? How does a couple survive infidelity and come through the eye of the storm more strongly committed to one another?  How can you use obstacles in your relationships as opportunities to strengthen your relationships with those you love? What is self-efficacy and how can you keep yours strong?  Relationship Therapy at our Clinic is collaborative and respectful and conducted in a comfortable and safe environment. Sessions are generally 45-60 minutes, occur weekly, with transition to less frequent sessions as goals and objectives are met.  To learn more about how our sessions for individuals, couples, families, and parents are structured, as well as learn fascinating information, surprising secrets, and specific skills to help create healthier, happier, deeply meaningful connections and more effective and respectful relationships with others, please click onto the links below related to Couples Therapy, Family Therapy and Parenting Therapy.